Welcome to the sea salt four general pipe manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Four through hydraulic pipe fittings company mainly engaged in: and other products. As a business enterprise, we always adhere to the integrity and let the customer, insist on using their own service to impress customers. Our company is in Jiaxing City, if the Jiaxing friends are welcome to visit our company to guide the work, the specific address is: Zhejiang Province. Jiaxing Haiyan County China town. If you are interested in our products, you can also direct online submission of purchasing information we will contact you in time.


  1. 直通接头
  2. 直通接头
  3. 直通接头
  4. 直通接头
  5. 直通接头
  6. 直角接头
  7. 直角接头
  8. 液压胶管总成
  9. 四通接头
  10. 其他